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Educating Childhood Cancer Patients & Survivors Conference

February 23, 2024  |  Live Broadcast 9:00am - 4:15pm EST

About the Conference

Our annual Educator Conference helps schools know how to make life better for students affected by childhood cancer. Administrators, teachers, nurses and counselors are invited to attend and earn free CEU & CNE credits.


More than two-thirds of childhood cancer survivors experience late effects from treatment.   These can include physical, emotional, cognitive, and/or social effects which can impact learning.


We give concrete examples from a panel of experts across disciplines so that educators feel better equipped to support cancer survivors and their siblings as they navigate school both during and after cancer treatment.

Conference Info Flyer

Share this info flyer with your colleagues who may be interested in attending this year's conference with you. The more, the merrier!

Presentation Topics

Overview of Childhood Cancer

Learn how frequently childhood cancer occurs and how it differs from adult cancers. Learn the most common types of childhood cancer, treatment protocols, survival rates, and what survivorship looks like.

Session Length: 45 Minutes


Late Effects of Treatment

While survival rates have increased significantly for almost all types of childhood cancer, treatments often cause long-term side effects known as ‘late effects’ of treatment.

These late effects can be cognitive, physical, or social-emotional, and all affect a survivor’s academic experience. Learn how educational plans like 504 and IEP can help support these students’ unique needs:


  • Physical Late Effects (30 minutes)

  • Cognitive Late Effects (30 minutes)

  • Social Emotional Late Effects (30 minutes)

  • Educational Plans (30 minutes)

Session Length: 2 hours

Early Childhood Intervention & The Importance of Play

Childhood cancer treatment of young children often disrupts opportunities for socialization and play for both the patient and siblings. The effects of this are seen in the early elementary classroom experience. Learn how to support these early learners, and the important role of play for these children inside and outside of the classroom.

Session Length: 45 Minutes​

Young Adult Success Panel

A diverse panel of childhood cancer survivors who are now young adults will share their experiences transitioning back to school after treatment, challenges they faced, and what helped them the most.

Session Length: 45 Minutes​


Active Treatment Case Studies

A strong school-based team plays a critical role in helping childhood cancer patients and survivors succeed socially and academically in the school setting. We will walk through a real-life case study and address the role of school nurse, social worker, counselor, and administrator. This is an opportunity to apply what you’ve learned throughout the day and share your ideas.

Session Length: 45 Minutes​

Speaker Panel

Speaker Panel

"Excellent, well-organized, useful information I will implement at my school. Thank you!"

- Conference Attendee

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