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A cornerstone of ASK since 2001, the Kourageous Kids campaign was created in honor of September’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

This special, month-long tribute started as a traveling exhibit, to share inspiring quotes and beautiful portraits of courageous childhood cancer patients and survivors in our community. Now, more than two decades later, we're proud to say we’ve continued this important legacy with our ASK kids and families every year since!

Each year, we invite parents to share their child’s unique story and personality through professionally captured portraits, along with an in-depth interview to talk about their diagnosis and treatment journey. The portraits are unveiled at our annual Kourageous Kids Party, where all of the Kourageous Kids and their families from that year come together to connect, have fun and celebrate the strength and resilience of our childhood cancer community!

Kourageous Kids portraits are also displayed around town to help spread awareness during September’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and Sickle Cell Awareness Month. Photos and stories are then shared digitally throughout the year.


It's our great honor to share these important stories, and the incredible strength of our ASK families, with the world. With their help, we can advocate for more support for patients and survivors just like them all across Virginia!