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Childhood cancer can affect you for a lifetime: physically, emotionally, cognitively, and financially, to name a few. But your diagnosis and late effects from treatment do not define you, or your future. ASK is here to provide young adult cancer survivors (known as YACS) with the resources, guidance and community they need to thrive as they enter adulthood.

New to ASK?

If you are not already enrolled with ASK, please fill out the Enrollment Form to join our community!

Life Skills Development

Get ready for life!  We connect young adults with support services and community resources like driving schools and wellness organizations to learn how to drive and how to stay physically active and healthy as you get older.

College Readiness

ASK helps college-bound young adults prepare for school with a free SAT prep bootcamp, arranging college tours, assisting with applications, and offering tuition assistance. We help ensure accommodations are in place, send care packages and touch base regularly to make students have everything they need.

Job/Career Training

Ready to enter the work force? ASK helps to connect young adults with technical programs, vocational schools and workshops to grow job readiness skills. We also assist with resume writing, job searching for both full time and part time positions that will best meet your interests and skills.

Social Events

ASK invites our YACS to regularly scheduled social events like private art classes, casino nights and offsite retreats to build friendships in a judgement-free zone with other young adult cancer survivors who are walking on the same journey. Join us!

Michelle Jarnagin-Johnson, ASK Young Adult Support Coordinator

Michelle Jarnagin-Johnson, M.S.

Young Adult Support Coordinator

Meet Michelle

Michelle Jarnagin-Johnson, ASK's Young Adult Support Coordinator, has worked in the education system for decades. Throughout her career, Michelle has worked in many different education-related roles, from public school systems to the VCU Health System, focused on supporting and advocating for children with learning challenges to ensure their success.


In 2019, Michelle joined the ASK team to bring her expertise to our young adult support program (previously called "The Launch Project") and has since worked with countless older teens and young adults to help them feel confident and prepared as they enter the next exciting phases of their lives.


No matter where you are in your journey and what your goals are, Michelle is here to help with whatever you might need to achieve them!

Common Questions

How young/old do I have to be to receive Young Adult Support from ASK and participate?

ASK kids who are registered in our system will automatically be eligible for young adult support once they turn 18. There is NO upper age limit for participation. This community will be here for you for the rest of your life!


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