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We understand how isolating a cancer diagnosis can be. We are here with you every step of the way. As we always say, once an ASK family, always an ASK family.

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Financial Assistance

A childhood cancer diagnosis can be devastating for families, financially as well as emotionally. Expenses during treatment can overwhelm an otherwise financially secure family. ASK is here to help.


We offer financial assistance to families being treated at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU, Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters, UVA Children’s Hospital, Carilion Children’s, Inova Schar Cancer Institute, and Fredericksburg area families treated at Children’s National. Qualified families may apply for help paying non-medical (housing, utilities, transportation) bills.

We are proud to support families across Virginia in their cancer journey.

As a proud partner of Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU for nearly 50 years, we are proud of the following resources and support families can expect while receiving care in the ASK Hematology/Oncology Clinic at CHOR. We hope to expand this support to our other treatment center partners across the state in the future.

Everyday Relief & Resources

Kim Stroud, ASK Family Support Manager

Kim Stroud, MSW

Family Support Manager

Meet Kim

ASK Family Support Manager, Kim Stroud, talks with families to see what can make their experience less stressful, often connecting families with financial support and community resources.

How She Helps

The challenges that come with a childhood cancer diagnosis can look a little different for everyone. Kim provides the level of support that works with your needs, such as:


Managing your household, bills, and daily responsibilities does not stop after your child’s diagnosis and Kim is there to help alleviate some of that stress for you and your family. We always encourage families to check in with their hospital social worker, too, to see what other organizations may be able to help.

*Free oil changes are currently only available for families in active treatment.

In Clinic Support

Meet Katie

ASK Child Life Specialist, Katie Barber (also known as “Miss Katie” to our kids!) is one of the first people you will meet while in clinic. She is here to ease your child’s anxiety as they receive treatment in the ASK Clinic.

How She Helps

Katie uses medical play to teach kids about what they are going through, like accessing their port. What looks like play is really a clever way to help kids feel less stressed at clinic! This helps them understand what the doctors and nurses are doing to make it less scary. Katie can also help by:

  • providing fun distractions like crafts, games, and playing with toys

  • encouraging your child to do an art project or engage in pretend play to help them express their feelings

  • teaching your child how to find their voice and speak up for what makes them comfortable


ASK is proud to fund this child life position at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU.

Katie Barber, ASK Child Life Specialist

Katie Barber

Child Life Specialist

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Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

Rich Catlett, ASK Chaplain

Rev. Rich Catlett, BCC


Managing the emotional impacts of a cancer diagnosis is an important part of caring for your child and family. ASK provides funding to Children’s Hospital of Richmond to support mental health services for patients, siblings and parents.

How We Help

The psychology team can help families with a wide range of topics, from pill swallowing and needle phobia to parenting tips to managing ADHD. Mental health support services include:

  • Assessments

  • Individual & Family Therapy

  • Coping Skills & Support

  • Parent Training

  • Pain & Symptom Management

Meet Rich

ASK Chaplain, Rich Catlett, is available wherever your child is along their treatment journey in the Children’s Hospital of Richmond.  Chaplains support families with a strong religious faith as well as those who don’t claim any religion.


How He Helps

Spiritual support can vary widely to include prayer, addressing concerns about death and after life, dealing with a loss of faith, or discussing ways to use spirituality for strength. Whatever your beliefs, Rich listens to your concerns and helps you process what is happening.


ASK is proud to fund this chaplain position at the Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU.

Bereavement Support

Even with the best doctors and medicines, the heartbreaking reality is that some children lose their fight to cancer. We feel your heartache and mourn the loss of your child.

Our chaplain and support team will be with you throughout your grief and moments of remembrance, as much as you need us to be.


ASK financial assistance is available to help with funeral services, and connect you with community grief and loss resources that can help your family process your loss.

If you need a break from ASK after you've lost your child, that's okay and completely normal. Know that our community is ready and waiting with open arms to welcome you back, when you're ready. Because once an ASK family, always an ASK family.

“Katie knows just when to step in and offer assistance. She does an incredible job of calming stressful situations.”

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