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When you give to ASK, it provides educational support, family and financial support and program events that offer community and connection. This amazing support means our families have the resources they need to make it through the most challenging days – but there’s more we can do, which is why we need you!

Make A Gift Today

Donate to provide an ASK family with emotional, financial and educational support as they navigate the twists and turns of their childhood cancer journey.

Donate Snacks & Drinks

Snacks and drinks offer comfort to patients, parents and siblings who often spend long hours at clinic during appointments or at our program events.

Donate Toys & Treasures

Treasure box toys, games and crafts provide a much-needed distraction and pick-me-up after difficult and stressful procedures during treatment.

Donate Gift Cards

From gasoline to groceries, gift cards help our families stay on top of their mounting everyday expenses. Get in touch with us to see what’s needed most.

Ways to Donate

Other Ways to Give

United Way of Greater
Richmond & Petersburg

Our United Way Agency Number: 3175


Employer Donation Matching

See if your employer will match your donation! Click here to get started.

The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign

Our CVC Number: 03281

YOU make a difference

Thank you for taking a stand to lessen the burden of cancer for our kids and families throughout Virginia with your time, treasure and talents.

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