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  • Stay Connected | ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation

    Stay Connected with ASK Sign up to hear about opportunities to give, volunteer or advocate with ASK, and monthly stories to see firsthand how your generosity is making a difference for kids with cancer. What types of messages would you like to receive from us? Feel Good Stories Ways to Give Volunteer Opportunities Event Notices Advocacy Subscribe Thanks for subscribing!

  • Volunteer | ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation

    VOLUNTEER Your Time Thank you for your interest in supporting ASK with your time and helping hands! We rely on volunteers to help make our fundraising events and program socials run smoothly, to support our organization with donation drives and fundraising, to raise awareness, and to help engage our community in a variety of ways. ​ Interested in volunteering with ASK? Fill out our sign-up form below and we'll reach out to you with upcoming opportunities to get involved! Get Started What are your volunteer opportunities? Volunteer needs vary throughout the year and include helping at our fundraising events like the ASK 5K & Fun Walk, wrapping gifts for the holidays or handing out school supplies. Sign up here to volunteer and we'll email you with all our upcoming volunteer opportunities! How old do I have to be to volunteer? We ask that volunteers are 16 years or older to volunteer at an ASK event. Younger volunteers are welcome but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Why should I volunteer? By volunteering your time, energy and expertise with ASK, you are helping to make life better for children with cancer or a serious blood disorder and their families right here in our community. Volunteers lending a helping hand make all of our ASK Events possible. Program events such as the Holiday Party, Fall Festival, and our Kourageous Kids party are great for volunteers who wish to have direct interaction with our ASK families and kids. Fundraising events like the Donut Run, ASK Walk, and the Annual Gala are fun events that require all hands on deck to make the event successful and enjoyable for all. Sign up to be a part of our incredible volunteer crew and you will receive the quarterly newsletter with upcoming volunteer opportunities! Can I get school community service hours for volunteering? Absolutely! Following your volunteer shift, just check in with the ASK staff member in attendance to sign off on your hours. You can also contact one of our two volunteer program leads: Jess Harris, Program Events Coordinator, at or Ivana Micheletti, Special Events Coordinator, at How can I volunteer with kids in the hospital or the ASK Hemoatology/Oncology Clinic? The ASK Hematology/Oncology Clinic is located in the Children’s Pavilion at the Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU (CHoR). To volunteer at the clinic or any other inpatient or outpatient areas of the hospital, you must apply through CHoR. More information to volunteer through CHoR can be found at What about volunteering with a group? We welcome groups to join us as volunteers at our two annual 5K events – The ASK Donut Run 5K in November and the ASK 5K & Fun Walk in the spring. Depending on the size of the group, there are some other volunteer opportunities throughout the year at our large program socials and events. What are other ways to get involved with ASK? Along with volunteering, you can make a difference with ASK in many ways, including participating in our fundraising events, starting a community fundraiser or donation drive, or advocating and raising awareness in the community! Visit our Get Involved page for more information. "I have loved being a part of ASK because you can see the immediate impact of your time, energy and donations and the change we are making for children locally." ​ - Meghan Dickey Hale, ASK Ambassador Committee Chair Get More Involved There are lots of ways you can help make life better for children with cancer and their families. Learn how else you can get involved with ASK below! Learn More

  • Our Financials | ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation

    OUR FINANCIALS Your Support Truly Matters. When you get involved with ASK, you’re making life better for kids with cancer and their families across Virginia. Take a look at our latest Annual Report to meet some of ASK’s families and see the impact of your generosity in action! Read Our Annual Report Where Your Support Goes We know that a big part of earning your trust is being 100% transparent about how your gifts are used to impact our kids and families. Thank you for your generosity and ongoing commitment to supporting them! FY23 REVENUE $4,138,091 FY23 EXPENSES $2,524,885 FY23 PROGRAMS $1,928,212 Reports & Documents FY22 Annual Report FY21 Annual Report FY20 Annual Report 2022 Form 990

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Blog Posts (45)

  • Midas of Richmond: Driving Change and Making Life Better for Children Battling Cancer

    Buckle up and get ready for a joyous ride as we share the heartwarming impact of our tire-iffic Making Life Better Partner, Midas of Richmond, and its owners, Mark and Patty Smith. They're not just changing tires; they're changing lives with their "Tires with a Purpose" campaign, and we can't help but rev our engines with excitement and gratitude. Midas of Richmond has gone above and beyond to support children battling cancer through their Tires with a Purpose campaign. When you choose to roll into Midas for new tires, not only are you treating your car to some serious TLC, but you're also fueling hope for children battling cancer in Central Virginia. Midas chips in $2.50 for every tire sold to ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation – it's like a pit stop for a good cause! Since the campaign’s launch in May of 2023, Mark and Patty’s crew at Midas of Richmond sold a whopping 4,689 tires, bringing in a total of nearly $12,000! Talk about putting the pedal to the metal for a meaningful mission. Mark, you and your team are tireless champions, and we can't thank you enough for your commitment to Making Life Better for these brave children. Now, let's take a pit stop and admire the extra miles Mark and Patty have gone. They are also annual funders of our ASK Summer Camp, which serves nearly 100 children each year, but they’re also greasing the gears for active treatment families in Central Virginia. Free oil changes? That's not just oil – it's liquid love for families navigating the twists and turns of childhood cancer. But wait, there's more in this automotive adventure! Mark and Patty understand that sometimes families need a little extra horsepower during challenging times. When one family hit a speed bump, he didn't just lend a helping hand; he handed over the keys to a loaner vehicle, ensuring they could easily cruise to and from the hospital for their child's treatment. Midas of Richmond, you're not just fixing cars; you're making life better for our families. Your dedication to our cause is like a perfectly tuned engine – powerful, reliable, and full of heart. Your support is like a smooth ride on a freshly paved road, making the journey a little brighter for every family facing childhood cancer. So here's to Midas of Richmond and Mark and Patty Smith – our tireless heroes making the world a better place, one tire at a time! Your commitment to our cause is like a well-oiled machine, and we are so grateful to have you steering the way toward a brighter future for children and their families battling cancer in your community. Learn more about ASK's #MakingLifeBetter Campaign and how you can become a community partner HERE! For more information, please contact Rachael Schrinel, Director of Philanthropy, at

  • WDBJ7 Roanoke: ASK Kid Nikolas’s Journey through Pediatric Cancer and the Support of ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation

    ASK Kid Nikolas was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) at the age of nine and spent five challenging months in the hospital, enduring intensive chemotherapy. Despite the isolation from friends and the uncertainty that shadowed his days, he found a beacon of support in Amy Fender, ASK Education Support Navigator. She helped him navigate the complexities of hospital life, offering educational materials and companionship during his treatment, ensuring he didn't lose hope or fall behind in his studies. Recently, Nikolas and Amy Fender had the opportunity to share Nikolas's inspiring story with WDBJ7 Morning and Noon Anchor Kimberly McBroom, where Nikolas recounted his battle with cancer and the crucial role Amy Fender played in his education and emotional well-being. Kimberly McBroom at WDBJ7 Roanoke has the story: To see the very precocious nine-year-old Nikolas Pakkidis, you’d never know that he’s already fought the battle of his life. “I wouldn’t eat. I wouldn’t drink. I wouldn’t do anything. I was nauseous all the time, and it got to the point where they had to take me to the emergency room,” says Nikolas. “He was much more weak, not very talkative, and I kind of just wanted them to see my face, know that I was there when it was time to transition back to school,” says ASK Education Support Navigator, Amy Fender. Fender helped Nikolas keep up with his schoolwork, while he was in the hospital. Now, Nikolas is back to school one day a week. “The normalcy is so important, like with Nicholas, he only goes once a week. But he can build up. He gets to see his friends. He can kind of get used to the idea of going back, and go back at his own pace,” says Fender. Through his words, Nikolas's courage and resilience shone brightly throughout the interview, touching viewers' hearts across the region. As his story inspires hope and awareness, Nikolas and his family remain dedicated advocates for pediatric cancer patients and survivors, exemplifying the power of community and compassion in overcoming life's greatest challenges. Want to learn more about ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation and how you can help support children like Nikolas and their families battling cancer across the Commonwealth? Get Involved today!

  • Meet ASK Kid Ada

    Ada is an inquisitive, spunky three-year-old who loves blue popsicles, singing and playing on her playset with her loving parents, Savanna and Austin. To know Ada is to love her. Her bright personality will capture your heart and her humor will keep you on your toes. She may look and act like your typical toddler, but Ada has faced a lot more than most children her age: She is currently fighting a bilateral optic pathway glioma, a type of brain tumor that has caused her to lose much of her vision. Even so, Ada goes into each day living her life to the fullest! “Since about nine months old, we noticed that Ada’s eyes were moving from side to side really fast, which is called nystagmus. We were reassured, and it was being monitored,” Savanna explains. “But when her right eye started to turn inward, I became alarmed and we were referred to VCU Pediatric Ophthalmology. I honestly thought we would get a prescription for glasses and she would have to wear an eye patch to correct the lazy eye, but we left that appointment in shock and terrified.” An MRI later revealed an extensive bilateral optic pathway brain tumor, and their worst nightmare was confirmed. Many follow-ups, testing and specialty appointments followed, where they learned that treatment would involve 60 weeks of chemotherapy. “In spite of the chaos of childhood cancer, our Clinic visits are filled with comfort and love,” Savanna shares. “The first time we were in Clinic was one of the hardest and scariest days of our lives, but almost immediately, the entire staff helped to calm our fears and make us feel at home. I will never forget that day. It was 4 days before Christmas 2022, and in walks Miss Katie, ASK’s Child Life Specialist, with Bat Girl and Christmas presents for Ada. Receiving this gesture within minutes of us being placed in our infusion room made all the difference in our world, and gently eased Ada into her first day of chemotherapy. Ada now runs into Clinic, so excited to see and play with everyone. The entire staff is so sweet and completely spoils our precious girl. Not only do they support Ada, but they support us as parents as well. They work so hard to make each child feel special and make the hard days seem easier.” Savanna is a Labor and Delivery nurse at VCU CMH in South Hill and an adjunct nursing instructor for SVCC. Austin works in both Forestry and Farming. They have both continued to work full-time during Ada’s treatment, which has been a lot to navigate through while putting their daughter’s healthcare first. Driving from their home in Keysville, Virginia, Ada and her family travel more than an hour each way to get to treatment at the ASK Oncology/Hematology Clinic at the Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU. The financial burden that comes with a childhood cancer diagnosis can be devastating, but thanks to ASK’s community of support, Ada’s family doesn’t have to face it alone. “We are so grateful to ASK for the gas, gift, and grocery cards we have received to help mitigate the costs such as of traveling to the clinic and purchasing a safety vest for Ada to wear during chemotherapy." - ASK mom Savanna "The snacks, popsicles and treasure box full of toys that ASK provides are always there to lift her spirits and keep her busy during long chemotherapy days. They continue to show us so much love and support in so many ways.” Savanna continues. Miss Katie also referred the family to Roc Solid Foundation, who donated and built Ada her very own playset last autumn. Since Ada’s diagnosis, she’s been able to attend ASK’s Night at The Diamond, the ASK 5k & Fun Walk, and ASK’s Kourageous Kids Party – experiences this family says they are so thankful for and will forever hold close to their hearts. Ada’s doctors had a plan for her to complete her chemotherapy this month, February 2024. However, recent MRI findings have changed her course and extended her chemotherapy regimen for an additional 2 years. While they still have a long road ahead of them, Ada and her family know they will have a community of support by their side. “God, our family, friends, community and all the teams at VCU CHoR have been with us every step of the way. And if anyone can fight brain cancer with a smile on her face, it’s our Ada,” Savanna reflects. “She has inspired so many people with her courage, strength, and resilience and I have no doubt that she will continue to move mountains until she finally rings that bell. ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation has greatly impacted our lives and given us so much joy to look forward to during some of our darkest days. We could never thank them enough for being one of the constants that has kept us grounded during Ada’s adventure.”

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