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Meet ASK kid Talon

"When we received the initial cancer diagnosis, we were completely overwhelmed," recalls Gentry Busic. "ASK became an amazing partner, without whom we could not have found our way."

Gentry's son, Talon, was eight years old when he was diagnosed with Stage 1 Large B-Cell Lymphoma. After weekly chemotherapy treatments and three spinal infusions, Talon entered remission and hasn't looked back.

Now 10 years old, Talon plays baseball, loves to be outside on his bike, swims for his neighborhood swim team, and is crazy about Disney. His family is grateful for his recovery, and the constant care they received from ASK.

"We know that we couldn't have gotten through such an ordeal if it weren't for the

constant love and support from the staff of ASK. Little gifts and notes and event just a kind word, not to mention the patient services and support groups that ASK provided to our entire family, were vital to our success."

Gentry stresses that ASK is a local organization, and your donations help kids here in Central Virginia. "I think it's so important that we support this amazing

organization that is going above and beyond for children with cancer right here in our community," continues Gentry. It also means that ASK can create and modify programs to best serve patients and survivors in our community.

"Our support from ASK began from the moment of diagnosis," says Gentry. "ASK knew that Talon's diagnosis would affect our entire family, so their sibling and care giver programs have been as important to us as the care they've given to Talon. We could never say thank you enough!"

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