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Leading with Purpose: Robbie Westermann Takes the Helm as ASK Board President

Robbie Westerman, ASK Board President, with Amy Godkin, ASK Executive Director.

Being a parent or caregiver brings joy and purpose to many. This statement couldn't be more accurate for Robbie Westermann, a proud father of three. The role of being a dad sparked his deep dedication to improving the lives of children navigating challenging circumstances and drew him to the mission of ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation. 

As the new Board President of ASK, Westermann effortlessly blends the nurturing qualities honed through parenting into his leadership style. “Listening well and being open to different ideas are not just skills from being a parent; they are essential to shaping ASK's goals,” says Robbie. To him, leading a nonprofit is like being the conductor of a family orchestra, where every voice plays a part in creating something beautiful together.

Robbie's dedication to creating an inclusive environment where every voice is valued harmonizes perfectly with ASK's vision for a more impactful and inclusive future. When questioned about his vision for ASK's evolution amid the ongoing statewide expansion, he emphasized the importance of bringing on board members from different regions of Virginia. "This strategy is imperative to garner diverse perspectives, enabling ASK to extend its reach even further with a broader scope and a more substantial foundation of funds and talent," he shares.

"We are grateful for Robbie's steady and impactful leadership as we navigate this growth,” says Amy Godkin, ASK Executive Director. Robbie has already hit the ground running and has made it very clear that during his term as Board President, he will “put the organization in the strongest place for staff and funding to keep this state model going while preserving our central Virginia roots” and that “we are in the right spot to take ASK to the next level in making life the very best for our children and their families.”

Robbie has been a critical member of our Board of Directors since 2017, and like many members of our committee, he is no stranger to ASK as he has been a supporter and cheerleader for our ASK children and families for over a decade. As he reflected on his most memorable moment of 2023 at the Kourageous Kids Party, where fourteen children and their families were recognized for their bravery and resilience, he couldn’t help but be inspired and proud of the great work that ASK does to serve its families. 

When Robbie isn't wearing his Super Dad hat and trying to make life better for children with cancer, he works as an Attorney and Shareholder at Hirschler Fleischer, P.C. Throughout his time at Hirschler Fleischer, he has focused on streamlining all business areas to maximize impact, a skill he has put in to practice as the Board Chair since taking on this role in July 2023. Thanks for all you do, Robbie!


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