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Meet Game Changers: Doug and Sharon Keefer

meet ASK game changers doug and sharon keefer

Doug Keefer attended a small fundraiser with his son, Ben, while visiting from California. Ben, one of the founders of Mustaches 4 Kids - Richmond, wanted his dad to hear about one of M4K's primary partners, ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation. After five minutes of listening about the purpose, programs and services in which ASK provides to pediatric cancer children and their families, Doug was "all in for ASK."

"I was so overwhelmed by the caring and targeted way ASK is able to touch families as they go through the unimaginable. I wanted to learn more and I knew I had to become part of their team," said Doug.

He attended an ASK summer camp and that's when he decided to be a part of the ASK team and become a game-changing member for ASK children, families and staff. Doug and his wife, Sharon, have committed a matching gift of $50,000 toward the new ASK Family Center where children diagnosed with cancer in our community and their families can gather for education, emotional and social support. "I've been so impressed with the leadership of the ASK administrative team," continued Doug and "I know that ASK will manage my gift well. But I've been most impressed with the kids themselves. As I listened to them talk about their diagnosis, treatments, progress and realities of having cancer - some only five years old - I was inspired and humbled by their courage and positive attitudes. It was one of the most emotional afternoons of my life. They are my heroes and helping ASK is now part of my DNA." Doug and Sharon's game-changing gift is the first toward the $275,000 goal to help double ASK's physical space and grow programming space. Until February 14th, the Keefers will match all donations, up to $50,000. "These kids are fighting and they need our help to keep fighting," says Doug passionately. "Resources are so necessary and I say to everyone that is reading this, "how can you not help?" "Caring for these children is a passion that I now share with the ASK clinical and administrative staff and my son. Ben's dedication has exposed me to a whole new opportunity for giving. This is one of the greatest bonds a father can have with his son and I want all ASK parents to have that opportunity with their children."


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