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Meet Hearts of Gold Sponsor: Connected Solutions Group

meet hearts of gold sponsor connected solutions group

Michael Pittman has a big heart for children so when a friend invited him and his wife, Luci, to the ASK Above & Beyond Gala in 2018, Michael was happy to attend and make a contribution. Michael and Luci's support didn't stop that night though. They later attended the ASK Fall Bash and then stepped as a gala sponsor through their company, Connected Solutions Group (CSG) and have brought CSG employees to the event to learn more about ASK's mission. All of this has led to the CSG team making the new ASK Family Center a priority. "This new facility will impact kids with cancer right here in our community. I'm a native Richmonder and I love that I can help my neighbors and friends," shares Michael.

Little did Michael know how close to home ASK services would hit. Just a few months after being introduced to ASK, the child of one of his groomsmen in his wedding was diagnosed with a rare blood disease and another close friend's child was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer. "I've held both of those kids since they were born and their diagnoses rocked me. With childhood cancer diagnoses on the rise, you just never know when it's going to happen to someone you love," reflects Michael. "We're so fortunate that I have a company that's growing and we can help. It's important for us to be involved in ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation because this organization is clearly making lives better for children with cancer and reaching families in ways you can't imagine until you go through it."

The new ASK Family Center is just one more way ASK is serving their kids and families. The new space will help expand resources for the special social, educational and psychological needs of pediatric cancer patients. Additional financial resources are needed to meet the $275,000 goal. Michael, his wife Luci and all of the employees of the Lucent Group are excited to be a part of the effort.

"I've spoken to parents of kids impacted by ASK and as a donor, it's incredibly satisfying to hear how a gift from the heart can enhance their traumatic experience. This organization is so well managed and they are doing great work. I'm honored to say I'm an ASK supporter!"


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